About Metrobank Art & Design Excellence

Welcome to the MADE Art Depot, the virtual art space of the Metrobank Art & Design Excellence.

MADE Manifesto

Founded in 1984 by art patron and visionary, Dr. George Ty, the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence has been recognizing the talent and hard work of young Filipino artists and continuously promoting Philippine art and culture.

• Support for young artists and the development of Philippine art and culture.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing the potential of the youth, we are committed to empowering young artists to achieve excellence in their craft and jumpstart successful careers in the arts.

• Free and creative expression, effective search, and credible board of judges

Through the MADE Recognition Programs, we aim to elevate excellent young artists into prominence, and help them carve a path towards long-term success.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment of creative freedom and expression, where artists from all over the Philippines can confidently express their ideas and worldview.

We take critical steps in ensuring an effective search by engaging with creative communities nationwide.

We follow a stringent assessment and selection process to ensure that the results of the competition are credible and acceptable.

We work with only the best industry practitioners to find promising young artists with the potential to revolutionize Philippine art.

Winning works from the competition become part of a remarkable artwork collection that aims to honor their artistic achievement and inspire generations of creatives for years to come.

• Support for artistic development and the pursuit of continued excellence

Beyond recognition, we believe that excellence entails a commitment to growth. We support artists in realizing their boundless potential by providing them opportunities not only to hone their craft, but also to develop their career and livelihood as artists. Through MADE’s Artistic Development Program, we provide avenues for awardees to pursue further education, local and international exposure, and career enhancement initiatives. This is our promise: to uplift the lives of young artists by empowering them to forge sustainable and fulfilling careers in the arts.

• The formation of a critical audience

Relevant art is built on a meaningful relationship with its audience. We aim to nurture communities and individuals to have a critical understanding of art’s role in social development and self-actualization. We offer accessible experiences for Filipinos to channel their creativity and connect with art. We invite our stakeholders to be advocates of Philippine art and the welfare of creatives.


• Purposive partnerships

Creativity thrives where there is collaboration. We aim to foster relationships with other institutions who share in the mission of supporting young artists and using art as a tool for positive change. Together, we strive to create spaces where artists can come together to inspire, uplift, and celebrate one another.

• Tangible legacy to Philippine art and culture through the preservation of our collection

We believe in the transformative power of art, and its ability to inspire excellence, engage communities, and empower society. We are committed to promoting and preserving art that captures the essence of the Filipino creative spirit. It is our privilege to care for artworks that reflect the soul of our nation. It is our mission to make these works available for every Filipino.

At our core, we aim to contribute to strengthening Philippine art towards the realization of our shared futures, one where creativity is at the forefront of change and where artistic careers are nurtured and sustained.