1. Reservation Procedure
    1. If you wish to reserve an artwork, you may click the "Reserve" button under the artwork. Full details of the artworks will be reflected for your review.
    2. If you are interested to reserve more artworks, you may return to the Collector's Lounge by clicking back to browse for more artworks.
    3. Please be reminded that you are only allowed to reserve a maximum of 5 artworks across all categories. Please ensure that by clicking reserve, you are willing to purchase the artwork.
    4. A total of 3 reservers are allowed for each artwork. In the event that two buyers reserved the same artwork, the sales coordinator will honor the first to reserve based on the time stamp.
    5. A summary of reservations will be sent to you after two (2) business days via your registered email with the list of artworks you have successfully reserved. Reservations and sales must be confirmed by replying to the email within three (3) business days. Failure to confirm means forfeiture of reservations.

  2. Cancellation of Reservation
    1. For cancellations, please wait to receive the summary of your reserved artworks in two business days. Instructions on how to cancel will be included in the email. For immediate concerns, contact one of our sellers thru collector@madeartdepot.ph.

  3. Payment
    1. The buyer/client will be asked for the full payment within 5 days after receipt of summary of reservation to finalize the sale.
    2. The check payment should be made payable to the respective artist.
    3. Only check payments are accepted at the moment. Payments must be turned over to the MADE Secretariat within 5 working days from receipt of invoice, at 10th Floor Metrobank Plaza Annex Building, Senator Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.
    4. In the event that the buyer fails to settle, the artwork will be offered to the next person in the reservation list.

  4. Claiming of Artworks
    1. The MADE Secretariat will coordinate the schedule of release of purchased artwork/s and the venue upon receipt of the payment. The client will be responsible for the pick up of his/her respective artwork purchase.
    2. Documents such as the certificate of artwork authenticity, release forms, and acknowledgement receipts will be provided to the buyer during the release of the artwork/s.